Randon begins to operate when the brothers Hercílio and Raul Randon – who used to work in the manufacturing of farming tools – decide to open a workshop focused on the transformation of industrial motors.


Mecânica Randon Ltda. is opened for the manufacturing of air brakes for trailers. The air brakes were developed to operate in the steep slows of Serra Gaúcha, the Northeast area of the State of Rio Grande do Sul. Mecânica Randon also manufactured third axles for trucks.


The first semi-trailers are manufactured. When learning about the determinations imposed by the Traffic Regulation of the time, Randon saw an opportunity and created a third-axle for semi-trailers and the suspension with equalizers which allowed customers to increase the load capacity of their trucks. Randon grew at the same pace as the industrialization and expansion of road transport in Brazil.


Following a trip to Europe – where the Randon brothers extended their knowledge on the reality of transport worldwide – the brothers saw that the transport sector had a huge potential to grow and so they invested in a new plant with 40,000 square meters of building area. The company goes public in order to expand its production capacity and begins to manufacture off-road trucks through its subsidiary company Randon Veículos, becoming the first genuine OEM company of automotive vehicles in southern Brazil. The company also begins to structure its distributors network and enters the foreign market.


Randon begins to diversify its business sectors with the foundation of Freios Master, a joint-venture with the American company ArvinMeritor (then named Rockwell) and Administradora de Consórcios Randon.


Randon intensifies even more its business with the incorporation of Fras-le and the opening of Randon Argentina and JOST Brasil, this latter a joint-venture with the German company JOST-WERKE;


Randon creates the company Suspensys, a joint-venture with the American company ArvinMeritor. Randon consolidates itself as a global-brand company with world-class strategic partners and becomes one of the largest private companies in Brazil, leader in its market sectors, exporting to all continents.

As innovative and pioneer companies from the very beginning, Randon Companies have taken a number of initiatives and undertakings that have kept them in the route of sustainable development, since they are completely aligned with people and the environment. All these initiatives have led them to become ecologically fit, with proper technology and innovation process, as in the case of Fundição Castertech de Tecnologia, the Proving Ground, and DuraTech® painting, which confirm the pioneering spirit of Randon Companies.